Terranova’s Restaurant & Pizzeria
208 North State Street
Bunnell, FL 32110


Overall Ranking: palmpalmpalm

The plan was to bring our seven year old twins (aka Thing One and Thing Two) and our fifteen year old son (aka The Pied Piper) and his friend out for dinner celebrating the last day of school. We were going to use the randomizer that I devised to help us with our weekly selections, however we learned quickly random dining doesn’t work well with a picky family.

When I first plugged in the Flagler Restaurant Randomizer™ (like the trademark there?) it came up with Golden Corral.  The twins were ecstatic (think endless chicken fingers and a chocolate fountain) but Shawn, the Pied Piper and his pal simultaneously groaned. So I tried again.  The second selection was Palm Harbor BBQ, which turns out to be Portuguese food.  I was game, but the kids were not, so I abandoned any hope of using the randomizer that day and just picked from the list.

Italian. That’s always safe.

Terranova’s is situated in a refurbished old house set back from Highway 1.  It is painted a bright yellow with green and red trim, giving it tons of character and charm….you can’t miss it!  The new porch features plenty of picnic tables that surround a beautiful, mammoth oak tree.  It was quite cool.  We opted to sit outside.  We attended one of Office Divvy’s Entrepreneur Nights there a few months back and the setting was perfect for the outdoor event.

My family and I are spoiled living in Flagler Beach where half the restaurants we choose have views of the ocean.  At Terranova’s the view and noise of  US 1 was a bit of a distraction, especially when someone’s car alarm went off across the street. But the charm of the restaurant was enough to distract us for the evening.

Kestrel and “Thing Two” chose stuffed shells. There were five smallish shells–not a huge portion, but the price was under seven dollars. I asked “Thing 2” what she thought and she said., “It’s okay”, clearly not in love. My fifteen year old concurred. He let me have a taste and I was surprised by how bland they were, clearly lacking something.  Garlic?  Salt?  Herbs and spices?


Shawn liked his ham and cheese calzone, but wasn’t jumping up and down about it either.  He pointed out that it lacked meat.


My son’s friend tried the ravioli  Her reaction was much like everyone else’s: didn’t hate it, but wasn’t in love either.

I ordered the sausage stromboli.  There was plenty of meat blended together with lots of mozzarella.  The taste was great, but the marinara, was just okay, lacking any depth of flavor, while the salad I ordered was pale and uninspired, the balsamic dressing disappointing.




“Thing One” got the pizza (you’ll soon see that he orders that most places we go).  The pizza didn’t make him go “yuck” so that’s good enough for me. The slice I tried was tasty, but not memorable.

Overall, none of us ordered anything that we disliked.  It was all good…but just that. Decent, but not amazing.

Would we go there again?  I could see stopping in there again for dinner with the family, but I don’t think I’d make this a date place.  A fun, decent place for the family, but not quite high end Italian.

Our rankings in a (coco) nut shell:



Value: palmpalmpalm

Food: palmpalm palm

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Terranova’s: decent, but lacking gusto

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Chicken Parmesan Sub + Lemon Cake= Holy Cow



The place:

Colletti’s Italian Deli

5 Utility Drive #19 (It’s actually on Old Kings, just south of Palm Coast Pkwy)

Palm Coast, FL 32137


(386) 246 5122

Overall Ranking: palmpalmpalm

The first spot on our restaurant tour was Colletti’s, a little deli situated in a strip mall on Old Kings, just south of the McDonald’s.

I have to say when I walked in I wasn’t impressed. The walls were all white, with seemingly random placed decorations, family photos on the wall.  Four rows of faux wood tables with vinyl chairs lined the narrow-ish room. It was clean, but sort of looked like a hospital room hastily decorated for Frank Sinatra’s impending arrival.

The woman at the counter addressed us with a strong NY accent, and true to the New York stereotype, she didn’t seem particularly glad to have us there. I’m not a fan of abrasive people and was trying not to stereotype but had almost made my decision about the place and we hadn’t even ordered.

Shawn ordered the roast beef sub on ciabatta ($6) and I ordered a chicken Parmesan sub ($8) we both added fountain sodas. We couldn’t resist picking up a big slice of lemon cake that the cashier had out on the counter as well.

We were pleasantly surprised to see the soda machine featured small craft sodas, made with real sugar. Shawn loved the orange cream and the root beer. It was kind of a fun twist to the regular fountain drinks.

Our food came out quickly, which is when we realized the sandwiches were just sandwiches, no chips, potato salad, or macaroni salad. Shawn’s sandwich was on the small size, but he said the bread was very good. He said otherwise it didn’t have a lot of flavor.

I on the other hand, fell in love with my sub. The bread (made on site) was crunchy on the outside, and had just the right amount of chewiness on the inside. The little chicken tenderloins were cooked to perfection.  And the marinara? Mmm! True love.

I was starting to warm up to the place at this point and similarly the deli owners were seeming to warm up to us. I think I even saw the cashier smile.

Then there was the cake. Now, I am not easily seduced by bad, store bought pastries. This was clearly homemade and so frickin’ fluffy it felt like our forks were slipping into a fluffy cloud. The perfect balance of sweet and tart.

Okay, so overall I say, “Yes!” to good food, fun sodas. Shawn says, “Meh” just average food, but he didn’t mind the ambiance at all.

Would we return? It’s a bit out of our way, and there’s a lot of other Italian eateries out there-so maybe, maybe not. But they did have a freezer of pre-made frozen Italian dinners, and plenty of dinner options on the menu, so yes to picking up “to go” meals for the family. If we didn’t have 134 more restaurants to go to, I’d say we should come back and try their dinners.

Our rankings in a (coco) nut shell:



Value: palmpalm

Food: palmpalm palm




overall 3




In the Begining There Was Food…

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Every marriage needs a little adventure.  Some couples find it bungee jumping, spending a weekend in Vegas, or climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. We on the other hand find adventure in eating…eating in weird places, trying new foods.  The problem is we’ve got kids and a quick excursion to the Greek isles is just not going to happen.  So we devised this: an adventure in our own backyard, eating at each and every food establishment in our county.  And the great thing about it? You benefit too.  We’ll tell you about where we ate, what we had and will rank our experience under the five palm tree rube-rick: five being “fantastic” and one being “good lord, never again,” ranking for food, atmosphere, and service.

Inspired by our friends Nichole and JM’s great food blog in Madison, Wi, (www.madisonatoz.com) we have assembled a comprehensive list of restaurants in Flagler County listed below.  Please feel free to let us know if we missed any.  We have chosen to not include fast food restaurants, but will include other types of chains.

We hope you’ll come along with us on our little dining journey.

Peace, love, and chocolate cake,

Becky and Shawn Pourchot                                                                      www.beckypourchot.com

Flagler Country restaurants

A1A Burrito works
Ai Japanese Restaurant
Atlantic Grille at the Club at Hammock Beach
Back to Eden Café
Bamboo Creek China Bistro
Bantam Chef
BeachHouse Beanery
Bella Gusto
Blue at Topaz
Bob Evan’s
Bruno’s Pizza
Bucks Grill and Bar
Burrito 101
Burrito works taco shop
By the Sea Café
Captain’s BBQ
Caribean Treats
Carmella’s piza and pasta
Carrabba’s Italian Grill
Casa Villa
Chef’s Shanty and Ice Creamery
Chicken Pantry
China Café
China Express
China King
China One Restaurant
Cinnamon Beach grill
CJ’s café
Colletti’s Italian Deli
Cracker Barrel
Cypress Knoll Restaurant
Delicias of Portugal Café and Bakery
Dominic’s Eatery and Deli
El Cancun Grill
Fancy Sushi
Farley’s Pub
Firehouse Subs
Flagler Beachfront Winery
Flagler Fish Company
Frankies Franks
Friends Café
Funky Pelican
Giovannis Pizza and Pasta
Golden Corral
Golden Lion
Grace’s place
Grand China Buffet
Great American Grill
Great Wall
Great Wall NY style chinese
Hammock Berach
HD Carribean Cuisine
Hi Tulip Café
High Jackers
High Tides at Snack Jacks
Hot Diggity Dogs
Houligan’s Irish pub
Hungry howies
Island Breeze
Java Joint
Joenells Place
Joe’s New York Pizza and pasta inc
Johnny D’s Beach Bar and Grill
JT’s seafood
Kawa Sushi
King Palace
Kokomo’s Café
Kokoro Steaks Sushi and Martini bar
La Creperie Kafe
La Familia Criolla
La Piazza café
Larry’s Italian Deli
Le Rendez-Vouse
Los Amigos
Los Dos Potrillos
Lusamerica Bakery
Maggie’s European Bakery & Cafe
Martin’s Restaurant
Mezzaluna Pizzeria
Niki’s Pizzeria
Noah’s NY Deli and Bakery
Oceanside Beach Bar and Grill
Old Vienna Austria Bakery
Olive Garden
Oriental Garden
Osteria Rustica
Palm Harbor BBQ grill
Panera Bread
Pasta Pasta
Plantation Bar and Grill
Pub 142
Red Lobster
Red Gator Café
Russian Food Delicatessen
Sakura Japanese Steakhouse
Salsas Mexican Restaurant
Salty Dog Lunch Spot
Sammy Bostons Best Breakfast
Say Cheese
Scotty’s Cork and Pint
Scruffy Murphys of Flagler County
Sonny’s real pit bar B Q
State Street Diner
Steak ‘n Shake
Sub Base and Bagel Place
Sweetwater Smokehouse
Terranova’s Italian restaurant
Thai by Thai
Thai Korner
The Bangcock House
The Big Easy Cafe
The Black Cloud
The Great American Grill
The Grill at Palm Coast Lanes
The Pub at Pine Lakes Golf Course
TJ’s Fish and Chicken
Tony’s Pizza
Trent’s Pure BBQ
Tropical Smoothie Café
Turtle Shack Cafe
Tuscan Grill
White Eagle Lounge
Woody’s BBQ